Type of tasks

Creative Challenges

Our tasks are not about being the fastest or being right or wrong, but rather about creativity, originality and the documentation of task solutions with amazing photos.


What exactly are these tasks that await you en route? Usually, these are neither knowledge tasks nor tasks that involve analytical skills, because that's what many people do every day at work. Accordingly, for most of our tasks, there is not one single right answer and many wrong solutions, but rather more or less unusual, completely individual variants. Because we want to confront you with challenges that most of us just don’t encounter in their professional lives.

Our large repertoire of tasks is divided, among other things, into the following topic areas: getting to know each other in a team / warm-up in a team, finding unusual solutions to a seemingly simple problem that one normally does not face, measuring / guessing, linguistic creativity, craftsman's creativity, contact with passers-by, discovering the city, trying things out. And, of course, there are several tasks that involve and are only suitable for a particular place in the city that we do not want to reveal here.

Our city treasure hunts are not scavenger hunts in the sense that the correct solution of a task is the prerequisite for continuing the journey. As described above, we are not about the one correct answer or solution to a knowledge question. Additionally, our experience has taught us that as outsiders, we can never know a group well enough to accurately measure the required level of difficulty of a task and we do not want to neither overwhelm nor underwhelm you.

So: let yourself be surprised by the big and small challenges on the way and the solutions of your colleagues! We wish you a lot of fun!