Course of the event

Every treasure hunt is different

We always divide the group into small teams, and then you venture out on your own. Along their way the participants will look for hidden places and will solve unexpected tasks. What tasks to expect? Click here to learn more.


Firstly, there will be an introduction for the whole group, and then we usually draw lots to divide the group up.


The next step will be for our tour guides to explain the equipment to each of the teams: most importantly a tour book with a detailed description of where to go and of the tasks to be solved. We develop an individual route and an arrangement of tasks for each team, so every tour book is unique. The team documents its experiences with a digital camera and most importantly, the solutions to the tasks.

Presentation ceremony

While the teams relax and eat in a good restaurant, we look through the tour books and the photos taken by the teams during their tours. About two hours after the end of the tour we will name the winning team in a presentation ceremony and show the best photos taken by the teams with a beamer, so everyone can see what the other teams experienced and what challenges they met.


Our treasure hunts are not designed to be about speed. It is not the first team to arrive at the finishing point that wins, but the team with the most creative, unusual solutions and photos. The most beautiful photos and puzzling results for the different challenges are shown during the presentation ceremony, which usually makes it a real highlight.

Time needed

The time needed for the tours depends on your timetable and the season. We recommend three hours in summer and two in winter, but the times are flexible. A tour can also be as short as 75 minutes or as long as an entire day. One example could be doing a treasure hunt on foot in the morning, then have lunch together and do a canoeing treasure hunt in the afternoon. We can run a treasure hunt at any time of day – morning, noon or night.


Tell us your time frame and we will develop a suitable concept for your treasure hunt. Your tour can also include public transport. If you want to start at your office, but still want the tour to be in the city centre, then including public transport might be useful.

In a nutshell

There are classics, but still every group is different. We are happy to adapt our concept and tailor-make a tour to your own specification.