We organise active team events. Besides the activity and the collective experiences, the atmosphere and lovely food and drinks play a major role in the success of every event.

Our event agency is not based at a specific location, but works independently with numerous various restaurants in the Berlin area. We are always happy to realise an event at the location of your choice, but are equally happy to recommend our tried and tested venues when they match your ideas  – and we always have a couple of insider tips for you.

Some examples of our tried and tested venues are:


This café / restaurant in Mitte charms with its discreet and refined atmosphere and is reminiscent of the coffee house culture of the 1920s.
The combination of the charm of past times, professional service and a fresh, modern cuisine, inspired by a variety of regional and international cuisines, continues to impress us.

Flammkuchen and swabian cuisine

In the middle of Mitte and yet not trendy and hip, but rather friendly, bright, and pleasantly normal.
Flammkuchen and Swabian cuisine are served.

Historical vault cellar from 1749

Specialties from Bavaria, Tyrol and South Tyrol. A Bavarian inn in Berlin-Mitte and yet not a tourist trap, but rather a favourite restaurant for many residents of the surrounding streets.
With no roaring deer on the wall, alpine dining culture thrives and is maintained here.
The highlight, however, is the historic basement of 1749 with separate rooms for groups of 7, 8, 20, 25 and 100 people.

Kreuzberg directly on the water

For groups that want to sit outside in nice weather and enjoy nature in the heart of Berlin, this is the perfect location.
Even in the evening, when many restaurants in the city centre stop accepting outside sitting groups in order to not disturb their neighbours, here, you can finish off the day outside.
The cuisine is Mediterranean and specialises on fish.

Prenzlauer Berg short after the peaceful revolution

Here, you will feel transported back to the Prenzlauer Berg of the 90s: improvised, unvarnished, honest, rough. No pretentiousness.
Shortly after the fall of the Berliner Wall, in the time of wild experiments, there were many such places in Prenzlauer Berg. Almost all have disappeared, but this one has remained. Even today, Russian specialties are still served here. The cuisine is simple, the décor rustic, served are draft or bottled beer, cocktails and long drinks.
An experience, that we would like to share with you.

Small, family-friendly italian restaurant

Inside of the restaurant you will find just about 40 seats, outside, a small covered terrace. In a quiet side street yet conveniently located in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg.
The two owners come from the Italian region of Basilicata, but go beyond the cuisine of their region to include specialities from all over Italy. Whether vegetable "Ciambotta", drizzled with smoked mozzarella milk, or black spaghetti with seafood. The food is always surprisingly combined, well-presented, and absolutely delicious.