In Berlin, Potsdam and elsewhere

Berlin is our passion. This is the place we know best, yet we are still discovering new things every month - and therefore you can, too. Or would you rather get to know Potsdam, Berlin’s little sister? We could also take you to discover many other cities. Choose from our broad repertoire. If your city of interest is not yet featured, contact us! We can help you.


Experience the Kölsch lifestyle on the Domplatte, in the old town, along the Rhine river. Kölsch as the language of the locals. Kölsch as a refreshing drink in the slim glass.
Whether for carnival or a cosy summer day, in combination with a boat trip on the Rhine or a trip to the surrounding area: Cologne is a worthwhile destination.


Drinking beer at a refreshment stand before calling it a day, the fight over the “Kohledeputat”, VfL, Dortmund or Schalke? What about the Currywurst, it’s best in Berlin, right?
Discover the real Ruhr area, unvarnished and up close. Our treasure hunts take you right into the city. Maybe you'll say "It's a bit like Berlin." We think so too.


The Imperial Palace as the background for your staging of Barbarossa, half-timbered houses as a challenge for mathematicians. Explore The picturesque timber frame city of the Harz region.
From Berlin, Goslar can be reached by train in about three hours. You can either include a shared second breakfast in the morning during the train ride and / or a fun picnic in the evening as part of your event. Alternatively, you can stay overnight in the city, e.g. at the Hotel “Der Achtermann” directly at the train station or a few steps further in the historic old town.


As part of a team, you will explore the historic shopping arcades, buy ingredients for an unusual salad, set sailing ships into the water, and learn knot techniques for beginners.
From Berlin, Hamburg can be reached in less than two hours, making it the perfect destination for a one-day team event, even without an overnight stay.
We are happy to start the treasure hunt directly at the main railway station and end it in a nice restaurant, for example with a view to the Elbe river or to the beautiful warehouses of the port city.


The tranquil city of Salzwedel with its well-preserved historic city centre is very well connected to Berlin and is therefore ideal for a day trip with your team. You can reach it by train in well under two hours.
Experience pure team building during a treasure hunt and simultaneously explore the narrow streets with beautifully restored half-timbered houses, historic city gates, medieval fortifications and the remains of an old castle.