For Berliners or Berlin visitors

Our treasure hunts are
the perfect alternative to guided tours

For visitors: a treasure hunt instead of a guided tour can be much more than ‘just’ sightseeing

Instead of being guided, you venture out on your own. We would like to show you important sights, but that is just the beginning.  On our treasure hunt you will talk to people, knock on closed doors, ask strangers for help or try to identify strange objects. This way you will not only get to know Berlin, but also discover what you are able to achieve as a team.

Treasure hunt for Berliners

Do you think a treasure hunt through Berlin is only for visitors? Then you may be wrong! Most of our clients are based in Berlin and their staff usually live here and know it quite well already. There’s plenty left to discover in Berlin even for people who live and work here.

We create an event that helps people get to know each other outside the regular working environment, builds a team, is highly enjoyable and also provides learning about group dynamics, leadership and different communication styles.