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Additional modules

Apart from our treasure hunts, our agency also offers a wide range of other team activities, some of which can be perfectly combined with your team event.



Would you like your treasure hunt to end in a beer garden, in a cosy park or on the banks of the river Spree? We can organise archery or blacksmithing parallel to the buffet.


Relax and enjoy a professional massage fully clothed after your treasure hunt.


How about a video shoot integrated in your treasure hunt in a hotel room or unique old Berlin courtyard?


The teams could meet some of our actors on the way; weird characters who involve them in interesting and unusual situations.


If a part of your group is less mobile on foot, they can go by bicycle rickshaws or Electric Tuk Tuks. Another possibility is to discover Berlin by Trabi, the famous old East German car.


The entire team can do the treasure hunt by bicycle if you like.In winter a mulled wine tasting or a visit to a Christmas market is a nice way to discover something typically German.


In summer people often like to have an ice cream along the way, go to a beer garden or taste a typical Currywurst (a typical Berlin speciality; a sausage served with curry sauce).


Your treasure hunt can also include team building activities at certain points, such as the ones in our team trophies.